Originated from Marseille, We Take Pride in Our #HOMLifestyle

HOM + Marseille - A Common Destiny

The HOM brand was born in Marseille in 1968, a city known for more than just sun and sea; it’s also making headlines in fashion. We take pride in our #HOMLifestyle, deeply connected to Marseille’s unique culture.


Our History

Born in 1968 in the South of France, HOM revolutionized men’s underwear by offering comfort and support for the first time. During a period of economic crisis and cultural upheaval in France, HOM brought a new level of comfort and confidence to men’s underwear, making men feel attractive and masculine.

More Than Just Underwear for Men

HOM is a specialized brand in men’s fashion, known for its stylish, independent, and masculine designs. Our collections, including briefs, hipsters, boxers, pajamas, swimwear, and socks, are celebrated for their look, design, shape, quality, and comfort. To appreciate HOM, delve into its world and discover the varied lifestyles it represents.

The Essentials Collections